He is one of the founders and teaching pastors of Light The World Church, the executive director of Mercy Child Care. Having pursued a bachelor’s degree in community leadership and development. With enthusiasm, he serves and apostleloves the young children and vulnerable people in the slums empowering women groups to make better their lives. Married to vena, he is a father to both biological and spiritual children.
His heart for street children and community empowerment has been under God’s guidance since he first became a Christian in high school,  It was at Highway College of Makerere that his friend and future ministry partner, Philip Sayuni, preached to him for the first time. Not long after, when both were walking through the Kampala Slums, Wilfred was led to talk to some of the street children who were begging for money and sniffing glue in order to stay warm. It was then that Wilfred became convicted that God’s purpose for him was to give these children a place to stay and to begin ‘rehabilitating’ them from a life on the streets to a life strengthened by God’s mercy. This became the foundation for Mercy Child Care Ministries. ries. Today, Wilfred is still the director of Mercy Childcare Ministries, a mediatory house for street children whose families are unable to care for them. The goal of this ministry is to strengthen families through employment projects so that they can take their children back, while keeping them off of the streets and in school. He is also in charge of the weekly Home Cell project set up to build up the church family, to encourage in-depth discussion, and to create prayer support through small group Bible studies.

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