He is one of the founders of Light The World Church and a teaching pastor with a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry at Moody University and a masters in congregational leadership at Moody theological seminary, Chicago, USA. phillip-home
In many ways Philip was the inspiration for Light the World Church. It was his preaching to both Wilson and Wilfred which led them to give their lives to Christ while they were still school.But Philip’s own conversion was a story in itself. Brought up in a poor family,he came to Kampala after Primary School to find work to pay off his school fees Through his auntie he met the Prime Minister of Uganda who took the young boy under his wing and treated him as one of his own. As he would visit the PM, he began to notice a few different things: a) his home was always full of love, joy and peace, and b) that his wife was often enthralled by the preachers on TV. Philip decided he needed to see for himself what these preachers were talking about. He quickly got turned on to Billy Graham, a figure who not only challenged Philip but also led him to change his entire life. He was compelled by Graham’s teaching to yield more to Christ, and to give more of himself to others. Then, one day at school, he met Wilson. Wilson and Philip became fast friends. Once Philip gave his life to Christ it was only a matter of time before Wilson and the other future pastors would as well. This became the foundation for Light the World Ministries. Philip has always had a heart for sharing God’s love through the Gospel. When the pastors were deciding their particular roles in the church, it was easy for Philip to find his calling towards missions and evangelism. Driven by Graham’s words of sacrifice and hope, Philip’s goal is to reach out to all the people of Uganda. His message is simple: If you look to the cross you will find salvation and the hope of a new life in Christ. This is the heart of Christ. By planting churches and organizing revivals under this simple message, Philip hopes to reveal this heart to the nations. Philip is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree in theology at Moody Bible college in Chicago, Ill, USA.

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