He is one of the founders, teaching pastors and an administrative pastor at Light The World Church. He studied and attained a bachelor’s degree and master’s in Business administration with other leadership trainings.
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He is a father to 2 biological an spiritual children
The youngest of the five Pastors, it seems logical that Ben should work as the youth pastor at Light the World Church. Even before Ben became a Christian, he was very involved with youth events and loved being an MC for parties. He was very popular as such, and as God began to change his heart, Ben was able to bring many of these friends with him. Today, Ben is busy organizing prayer meetings, concerts, dramas, movie nights, talk shows and various outreach service projects to help ease the tension between living a life for Christ and simply living the Christian lifestyle. His goal is to build up youth who are serious about God and who really love Him, so that in the end they can all spend eternity in heaven. In all of his various ministries he emphasizes financial stability and spiritual stability so that Christians can be protected from Satan’s power in all realms

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